//Meet The Makers: Dolphinholme Honey

Meet The Makers: Dolphinholme Honey

Here in Dolphinholme, we’re lucky to have a whole host of talented local people who produce some incredible food, drink and art. In this series of blogs, we’ll be looking at the fantastic folk who stock our shop at The Fleece Inn with their homemade wares.
Our first spotlight is on Gary Troughton; a local beekeeper who provides us with Dolphinholme Honey. If you’re a regular to The Fleece Inn, you might have spotted Gary quizzing with the PTFA on Tuesday nights.

Gary started beekeeping around 14 years ago after his father introduced him to it. His scientific background (he has a degree in biological science) lends him well to his pastime, and he is understandably passionate about the conservation aspects of what he does:

“Bees are struggling and they’re fascinating creatures. There’s the maintaining and hoping to help nature aspect to this where you feel you’re doing some good for the environment by keeping them.”
— Gary Troughton | Interview with Anna Clayton & Johnny Bean

Bees are under threat due to the changes we’re making to our countryside in the UK. There are fewer wildflowers in our landscape than there used to be because of changes in agricultural techniques, and as bees rely almost entirely upon flowers for food, it is not surprising that their numbers are beginning to decline. It is a well known fact that bees are some of our best pollinators, and they play a key role in the production of much of the food that we eat. Without this pollination, the plants would not produce seeds, so our food supplies will decline along with the bee population.

Beekeepers like are integral to keeping a steady population of bees, as it is through their treatment and care that colonies are kept alive. If you’re interested in finding out more about Gary’s role as a beekeeper in our community, take a look at his interview with Anna Clayton and Johnny Bean for more information.

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