//Meet The Makers: A New Look For Pennine Way Preserves

Meet The Makers: A New Look For Pennine Way Preserves

Toast and butter every morning gets very repetitive very quickly. It’s a simple and quick breakfast that you can usually just grab and go, but it’s not exactly big on flavour. If you’re looking for something to change to make your life more interesting, why not start with breakfast?

Switch your regular butter for some delicious, tangy, “All butter” Lemon Cheese Curd from Pennine Way Preserves. Made with fresh, Lancashire butter and lemons from Sicily, it’s a great addition to any breakfast. Not in the mood for curds? Not a problem! Pennine Way also do a range of marmalades and conserves. A delicious, fruity addition to the most important meal of the day, or as a snack with afternoon tea and toast.

Pennine Way Preserves are available from The Shop at The Fleece Inn, and you can get your hands on their newly re-branded jars, designed to reflect company heritage in a modern fashion. Pick up a pot of sweet marmalade and take comfort in that fact that it contains no artificial preservatives, colourings, or flavourings. Ingredients are also locally sourced where possible, as the company is based in Lancaster. You can take pride in knowing you are supporting local businesses; getting a delicious, quality product in return! That’s what our shop is all about; fresh, local produce, from local businesses straight to your Dolphinholme table.

Managing Director of Pennine Way Preserves, Sam Jennings, has over 30 years experience in making preserves. Sam has always been passionate when it comes to “producing authentic, artisan products using great local ingredients”. If Sam’s passion and experience wasn’t enough, Pennine Way Preserves is an award winning company for its marmalade. Sounds promising? Pop down to the shop at the Fleece and pick up a jar for yourself – you might even get the opportunity to meet the makers!

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